There are plenty of reasons to learn Polish. Here we list a few of them that seem pretty legit to us.

With more than 50 million Polish speakers around the world, you’ll have a myriad of opportunities to try your new language skills, exchange your thoughts and ideas, and find out what the world looks like when it’s seen with the Polish language filter on.

You’ll be able to have a chit-chat with your Polish friends about that great tv series that you’ve recently seen, hold a business meeting with your Polish customers, or have a long conversation about the proper way of making pierogi with the Polish part of your family. You name it! Literally: you name your goals and we’ll help you achieve them!

…of sounds, words, expressions and concepts and learn how to navigate in it. You will dive below the surface and hear that there’s a huge difference between these two sounds: SZ and Ś (you might not believe us right now, but we swear it’s true!). This will help you notice the finer granularity of the world.

You will also unwrap a brand new set of tools which will help you express yourself using fresh combinations of words.

And on the way you’ll build your own collection of keys to unlock many different doors leading to Polish culture, art, literature. Perhaps you were impressed by Paweł Pawlikowski’s “Ida” and “Cold war” movies and you’d be curious to watch them without subtitles. Or maybe you’ve always wanted to read Olga Tokarczuk’s (our recent Nobel Prize for literature winner) novels in Polish. Whatever your specific goals are, we’ve got you covered!

…or maybe even a few of them! Already after the first class you’ll become fearless after learning that pronouncing words such as “żółć” or “chrząszcz” is actually not as difficult as it seems at first sight.

And with the fearlessness in your pocket, you’ll have all you need to become an avid traveler through the Polish language and culture, and maybe even, in the long term, an ambassador of all those interesting sounds, words, and concepts behind them!

If you’re still hungry for more, let us just say that the knowledge of Polish might also help you become the most popular person at a party. Because if casually saying “W Szczebrzeszynie chrząszcz brzmi w trzcinie i Szczebrzeszyn z tego słynie” doesn’t make you an instant party star, we honestly don’t know what would!

Both mentally and physically. And both at the same time! Learning Polish will keep your mind sharp, when you will be putting all these language puzzle pieces together to effectively communicate with Polish-speaking folks. But not only that! It will also make you aware of the existence of some muscles that you didn’t even know you had. These muscles will regularly be stretched when you’ll greet somebody saying “cześć” (hi) or when you’ll casually announce that today you definitely need a “płaszcz przeciwdeszczowy” (a raincoat).